Personal development and sharing of learnings and experiences are a large part of me.

Here you'll find books and publications in the personal development, leadership effectiveness and communication area that are guiding me.

  • Emotional Intelligence (D. Goleman)
  • The first 90 days (M. Watkins)
  • Getting to Yes (R. Fisher, W. Ury)
  • The Power of Positive No (W. Ury)
  • Fierce Conversations (S. Scott)
  • What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (W. Goldsmith)
  • Breaking the Rules (K. Wright)
  • Now, Discover Your Strenghts (M. Buckingham, D. Clifton)
  • The Purpose Linked Organization (A. Love, M. Cugnon)
  • Appreciative Leadership (D. Whitney, et al.)
  • The Art of Power (T.N. Hanh)
  • Now What? (L. Berman Fortgang)
  • Selbsthilfe in Konflikten (F. Glasl)
  • Beratung ohne Ratschlag (S. Radatz)
  • The Pyramid Principle (B. Minto)