Coaching supports people and organizations in change and development processes to increase their own effectiveness and efficiency. My results-, solutions-, resource-, systems- and performance-oriented approach encourages self-reflection, improves one's perception and opens new perspectives. My philosophy is to support you in finding your own best solutions, based on your own values, experiences and strengths, while learning and developing.

Especially in times of re-orientation and high stress, when taking on new responsibilities, during conflicts or when facing complex issues or decision-making processes, a solution-oriented coaching becomes very valuable.

My experience as an international executive and former Managing Director dealing with complex challenges of turning around businesses make me a unique asset in consulting and coaching executives of local and international organizations and political leaders.

To fulfill my customer needs, I am expert and specialized in both, face-to-face and virtual coaching via skype and telephone.

Coaching Offerings around Themes such as

  • Leading change
  • Transformational Leadership & Executive Coaching
  • First 90 days - managing successful transitions
  • Peer coaching for Managing Directors
  • Increasing self-awareness and interpersonal skills
  • "High Potential" and "Talent" development
  • Professional development and career planning
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Successful communication at work
  • 360 and personality profiles (e.g. DISC® etc.)
  • Presentation skills


  • Leaders and executives of all industries and in politics
  • "High Potentials" and "talents" supporting their professional development and career planning in larger organizations and global companies