• You want to
    • increase your effectiveness as a transformational leader
    • look at how to release your full potential
    • prepare for or in the middle of a career change

  • You and your organization need to
    • implement change management processes
    • enhance decision making and follow-through on decisions
    • realize the full, synergistic power of teams

  • You and your business face the challenge to
    • launch new products globally
    • find more effective ways of engaging your customers
    • hand over your life's work to the next generation

This might be the right time to work with an expert who has Line Management experience.

As a certified coach and former executive of a Fortune 100 company, I am a unique asset in consulting and coaching individuals and teams. We can work together in English, German and French.

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Looking forward to hearing from you;   Dr. Nicole Schmidlin, MHA